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Power Journey to India - February 2019

Updated: Jul 17, 2019

"Suddenly I see Swamiji’s eyes well up and shed tears." Bakula R Bhayani - Shivanti

This is what Bakula had to say about her experience:

“In the river of emotion, the fire of devotion awakens”


As I walked along the most beautiful river, I felt at peace in my heart. My mind stood still whilst I admired and watched the crystal-clear water cascading along its narrow and winding path, splashing droplets of water on the budding spring flowers. “Oh, how perfect is nature”, being my only thought until words permeated my mind with such bountiful energy that I now find myself sharing these with you......


“In the River of Emotion, The Fire of Devotion Awakens” ...where are these words coming from?

Could it be the same source that whispered “Love All, Serve All “in my ears yesterday?

Was that Shiva?


When I say “Shiva” of course I am referring very fondly to Shivananda Swamiji and this is my personal devotion to him.


I think it is only fair to share a little bit with you about when I met with Shivananda Swamiji. I met swamiji in September 2018. I recall that first meeting as clear as day. Many thoughts crammed my mind and I was carrying a lot of emotional pain. I just needed someone to talk to, someone who would take away all of the sadness that made me numb at times and made me feel so cold, as if I had no feelings of love left.