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The Power of



Shivananda’s message is simple:
Love, Unconditional Love.

Meeting Shivananda during a Satsang is a powerful and heart-opening experience, one that initiates inner change. Unconditional Divine Love flows through him and touches your heart.

Through the power of Love you can experience healing on many levels of your existence. Shivananda guides you first and foremost to love yourself. Loving yourself is both the key to loving others, and a means to bring your light to the world.

By recognising the truth about yourself you will find inner peace. With love and peace you become a beacon of light for others. 




When heart, soul and mind walk embraced 

extraordinary things happen

Meeting the


Shivananda’s life changed forever in the summer of 2017. 

He says: “After I returned from a trip to India, the Divine manifested in my house. I fell into a deep form of meditation. This state, called Samadhi, lasted nine days.

“During this extraordinary time - that I call ‘The Joy of the Self’ - I travelled through different stages of consciousness, meeting with the Masters.

“They opened my Divine channels and showed me my Dharma, my mission here on Earth. The Masters revealed a system of healing to me, one that utilises Kundalini energy, the energy of our Mother Earth.”

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Who are you? I am what the others see in me, and I am what I am not. I am what the Masters want me to be in this present moment for you.


To Overcome the


Shivananda’s desire is for spiritual seekers to recognise and work with all the Masters as he does, for the good of the world, in unity and peace, harmony and love. 

Without this Love there is no truth.

He says: “Truth is that which exists forever. It does not change with someone’s presence or absence, action or inaction. Its existence does not depend on faith or disbelief. Trying to discover the truth makes it even harder to find. Do not try to investigate the truth. Do not look for solutions to a complex problem. Simply try to accept the truth. Only then will it manifest itself. Within Love lies the truth. This truth brings knowledge of your Dharma and provides inner peace.”

A Soul with a Special Mission


The outwardly ordinary person who became Shivananda was born in southern Italy in 1975. 

He says: “As a child I loved playing in nature, and growing up I had some remarkable experiences with the Divine. When I was 16 years old, a significant change happened to me on the soul level. After a serious accident, I was left in a coma for nine days. During this time my soul left my body and floated over my hospital bed, hearing and seeing everything that was happening in the room. It saw beyond the veil of the material world. My soul saw how everyone, no matter who they were - doctors, nurses, family members - carried the same light in their hearts. This showed me that everyone is the same.  

“On the last day of this coma, my soul entered through a portal of light and was surrounded by celestial music and heavenly fragrances. Filled with an immense and boundless joy, it yearned to dissolve into the Divine Light. 

“At that moment, something happened that I only understood when I relived this experience in great detail during a deep meditation, decades later. A strong and loving Presence guided one soul into the light and helped another - a special soul - to enter my body. 

“After awaking from the coma, the memories of my life only came back slowly. The experiences I had during my coma were still with me, but I could not rationalise them. Setting them aside I led a normal life, marrying and having a son, and building a successful career working with horses. 

“It was only years later, when my life fell apart and I lost everything, that I remembered the things which had happened to me on the soul level. I realised that my soul had come into the world with a special mission. To end my profound suffering, I began opening up to what was intended for me. Finally, I was ready to meet the Masters.”


Hope and Healing for our Time


The system of Kundalini energy healing that was revealed to Shivananda during his Samadhi is available to everyone and does not require any faith. 

In guided meditations Shivananda gently and safely supports the awakening of this energy within you, removing any blockages and allowing more light to flow through your chakras. Powerful mantras, breathing techniques and other exercises are also fundamental parts of his teachings.

“Place Love in your body and try to feel it inside your cells” says Shivananda. “Love can change cells genetically and alter DNA. The energy of Love contains a wonderful secret for healing on many existential levels. Plant the seeds of Love, hope and light. Feed and take care of them. Once these Love seeds sprout they will function on higher levels in order to fulfil their purpose. They are the foundations of harmony, comfort and peace. Everything will be brought to the Golden Age.”

Shivananda encourages self-reflection and teaches you to be attentive to everything that is happening - to you and to everyone that you are meeting. These experiences are your teachers. They show you your limitations and your blocks - but also ways of healing.

Strengthening the Heart Energy
with Horses

Growing up, Shivananda quickly discovered his passion for horses. He became a professional rider and show-jumper. Horses taught him patience, dedication and unconditional Love. 

Today, Shivananda loves to integrate horses into his work and offers workshops where he demonstrates how to read their energy and understand their language. 

Over the years he developed the system of Anahata Horse Healing. Anahata is the name of the heart chakra and horses are portals of light - highly sensitive and receptive. 

“In the journey of our life, the body is the carriage and the heart is like the horse” explains Shivananda. “If the latter isn’t nourished properly, the journey will not progress correctly. The heart needs to be nurtured with the fodder of the highest energy. Faith is the blessed Water for your heart.”

During his great history of evolution, man has confused the truth, by pursuing the mind instead of the Heart

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