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My Mission


My mission is as old as creation.

It is a scheme, everything that is called an attachment.
Let go of schemes - and of everything that leads you to want to dig deeper with your questions - at all costs, and with all imaginable means.

Everything that creates movement in your mind is pure illusion. You are born with the idea of wanting to learn more and more about your life. You are born in a society that teaches this idea to you, and you are building a life playing with it. But you come here and incarnate in the body not to learn, but to have experiences. 

These experiences are called Shanti, Prema, Swarupa, and Dharma.


Your life is a divine labyrinth caused by these experiences and their effects. They lead you towards your spiritual evolution.



You belong to something or someone here - to a religion, to a philosophical group, to a political group -you are wearing an identity of someone that doesn't belong to you.

I am asking you now; how free do you feel in this society?

You are continuously repeating that you want to transform your life! But what you are really doing to transform your life?
While your mind belongs to something or someone your vision will be blurred.

And if I ask you “how do you feel, what do you see?"

If you say everything is all right then have a good look and tell me whether you see clearly, or whether everything is actually out of focus!!

I tell you No!! This is not the road. You need to take a different path.

Look with my eyes, and you will see with the eyes of GOD.

A simple world, one that was created by the energy that keeps humanity alive - love.

I am here and I speak to you with the word of your master.

I am here and I look at you with the eyes of your master.

I am here and I am shouting it out loud for you! It is not how big I am, but how big YOU are.



The greatest gift you can give to God is your pure action, your love for yourself, for God and for all the beings on the planet. Be Karma Yoga.

Karma Yoga is working for God, for yourself and for all others. 
This is the key to everything.

To live freely without possessing, recognizing your courage.

The courage to bring your soul here and to scream out loud, without fear, that you want to transform the world.

Do not be afraid. Fear takes away your courage, and when there is no courage our blood is no longer dense. It turns into water.

Be an example - first to yourself - and then to others. You were not born from an unconscious thought, you were born as love. You were born from a creative thought that brought you here, and gave you life.

Everything is so perfect.


I love you,


Shivananda Swamji

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