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Mariangela - July 2019

Mariangela’s Testimonial, July 2019

Hi, my name is Mariangela, I’m 18 and now I’ll tell you about my healing experience. It all happened about two months ago, I had a bad illness – anorexia. Anorexia is born within me because of all the wrong emotions accumulated, emotions that never made my will but that of others. Unspoken emotions shouted, shouted expressed and in time they trapped my soul enclosing me in the disease, but in reality, it was not the fault of others, it was mine. Mine because I didn’t love myself enough to understand that I didn’t have to allow others to hurt me!

Thanks to a dear friend of mine, I met Shivananda. Although I was not trusting… something told me that I had to believe in him. When he held me in his arms, I felt a strong sense of protection. I felt my soul freeing up for the most part. The expression on my face had already changed!

Spending a whole day with him, I already felt like a different person, but the best came later. Back home from this day, I was very happy because I had lived something that by now being with others is no longer alive – love. As the days passed, my desire for food grew wider, but there was still something inside me that blocked the will to live. Until one day while I was at work, I felt strange… I saw a white light around me, my vision was more white than colored. My heart was beating hard and I couldn’t understand what was happening around me. I was so scared, inside I was afraid of not being happy again because I was still living in the past! Something inside my heart told me that God wanted to tell me something, as if he wanted to tell me, “If you don’t follow your heart – you will die! If you follow me – you live.” So, I decided to follow my heart because my desire to return to myself was so great. I wanted to heal – I didn’t do it anymore to be unhappy.

So, I went home and stood in front of the sun. I started giving birth to all my emotions. I started to see the colors of the rainbow and to go higher and higher until I saw a veil all blue and the wonderful sounds of animals. At a certain point, I started to see a white light. I fell to the ground and I gave no more signs of life. At some point, my body started to move – it was the Holy Spirit that moved my body. I started getting rid of my tensions, doing all the meditation movements, but unfortunately, I couldn’t get rid of the tension behind my back, so I started thinking about how I could do it. I tried everything that could help me. I tried with a stone, a cucumber and a wood, but nothing helped. So, I put myself in front of the sun with my hands in prayer and my legs as if they were trying to get my balance back. I closed my eyes and I started to create my balance with my feet, and in the meantime, I turned around myself. When I opened my eyes, I found myself in a different point from the starting point and I didn’t even realize it. I started to believe that magic really existed!

On my way home, I took my cell phone and the first thing I did was write a message to Shivananda, telling all that happened to me. His answer was, “I know everything, I was there with you.” I didn’t believe my eyes! More and more astonished, I went near the mirror and my face was more, round and more and more astonished, I started laughing like never before! My heart was happy! I was finally seeing the true me reflected again. My heart began to love more and more. Then again, the divine energy guided me as many times as I needed. The other experience, perhaps the most impressed, was when I started rolling around. After I stopped, I started pulling the monster inside of myself out. I saw the demon of my illness – all the negative emotions that had attached to my organs came out! But even this could not complete it because it was still quite complicated. I did this exercise twice until I got rid of all the tensions. Every time I always looked for Shivanand’s contact because every time I couldn’t complete it, I couldn’t feel pretty discouraged because I thought I wouldn’t make it… and thanks to the love of Shivananda, I have always changed my mind – he has always given me that love to believe in myself.

Whenever there was something wrong, he felt it and I was with his energy, he always pulled me up, and inside my heart I felt his energy danced in side. The last time I wanted to contact him because inside me there was still something wrong and I had entered WhatsApp to write to him, but then changing my mind, I didn’t write to him anymore. After less than a minute, I found his message and I wrote, “You read my mind!” and his answer was, “Yes.” At night I feel it in my heart, I feel his energy sleeping with me. Thanks to his advice, I reflect. When I go out of the way, he is always the one to put me back on the right path. The love I feel for him is a special love, different from the one you can feel for everyone else. Thanks to his love I am managing to heal.

I have not yet completely healed, but now I am confident that everything will be fine and that in time, everything will be fixed. I know that in any case, Shivananda will always give me the strength to fight and be happy - he won’t abandon you. I can’t wait to hug him again! Now my heart is full of love, and thanks to this love, I am trying to change my family situation. Thanks to my healing, my mother is becoming different – more and more happy! This experience changes your life, really makes you be yourself and with love you can heal the hearts of others. And there’s nothing that can trap you because as Shivananda says, “I’m free and I’m not afraid.”

I told so many people about this experience with Shivananda, but unfortunately, not everyone believes it. You have to try certain things to believe… People no longer believe in anything because it is a wrong society that makes you lose all true values. I hope that many other people will be helped. The change can happen, but only if you really want it! Always look to the sun, because behind it there is God, which is why the sun is good for us.




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