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Shivananda 999

Charitable Foundation

‘Generosity and compassion are your divine qualities. 

Our soul loves to find itself in a community

where love is a living action.'

One of the highlights of the Midsummer Program in Xanten in June 2019, was the launch of the Shivananda 999 Charitable Foundation which is the charity arm of the Shivananda 999 Organization.

As the Foundation is still in its infancy, the main focus at the moment, is the establishment of ashrams worldwide which is part of Shivananda’s mission that was given to him by the Masters. So far, ashrams have already been created in London, Germany, Tiruvannamalai and two in the planning stages in Shirdi and Puglia, south Italy.

These ashrams are the gathering places for Shivananda Swamiji’s students to come and share his energy and teachings, and to receive his guidance for their personal transformation. Through 'Karma Yoga,' love in action through service, Shivananda Swamiji‘s light and love can be disseminated wherever his students go, thereby raising the collective consciousness of the planet.


Charity work, especially relating to the welfare of children, is very dear to Shivananda Swamij ‘s heart. He has several projects in mind, which he would like to establish and support. One of these projects, for example, arose from an encounter while travelling in Nepal last year. Swamiji met an eleven year old girl and her mother, who were living under very difficult circumstances. This little girl is an exceptional soul, with a wisdom and understanding way beyond her years. In one of her extraordinary letters to Shivananda this is what she wrote:

"I started a project and it is a library for children. The name

of the library is, The National Library for Curious Minds. Nepal has no books or places where children can learn, read or have fun with their parents. I'm so lucky to have my mother
as she did for me what no other person did for a child. Sometimes when I talk to mom, we feel that you have brought light into our lives."

Shivananda Swamiji has a great desire to help this bright little girl and her mother. His Foundation is looking into the possibility of making this girl’s dream into a reality. 

Setting up new charities, rather than supporting existing ones, is a huge undertaking. However, through divine guidance and the support of those whose hearts are open, Shivananda Swamiji will be able to share his love, help those in need, and heal the hearts of the suffering on a large scale.


We appreciate any contributions to this noble mission that you can make. We will continue to up-date you with all of Shivananda's Charitable projects and activities. We together, can make this all happen - thank you for your generous support!


Shivananda 999 Charitable Foundation


Donate to the Shivananda Children's Programs

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Shivananda is seeking funds to kick-start a children's library in Nepal, the "Library for Curious Minds" 

He also supports the activities of.. 


Donate to the Shivananda Ashrams

[Descriptive text here: What are the programs so far, testimonials, etc. Sample text: ]


Shivananda is seeking funds to set ashrams in ...  

The Ashrams in XXX and YYY help the students.. 


Help fund the Shirdi Sai Baba Murti for the Tiruvannamalai Ashram

[Descriptive text here: What are the programs so far, testimonials, etc. Sample text: ]


We are purchasing a statue of Shirdi Sai Baba and are looking to raise funds ...  

The Ashrams in XXX and YYY help the students.. 


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