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Shivananda Swamiji Silent Retreat at
Shiva House, Puglia

19 - 21 June 2020 

Monopoli, Puglia, Italy

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Shivananda Swamiji three-day retreat at Shiva House in Puglia, Italy

19 - 21 June 2020

Since last February 23, Shivaratri day, Shivananda has been immersed in a profound silence.  During the three days of this retreat in June, Swami Shivananda will share this experience with all of you.  Deep silence acts as a balm for your soul.

The practice of silence plays a vital role in spiritual life.  It represents a new way that gives access to the Heart.

Silence creates within itself a harmonious atmosphere that facilitates access to the inner Self, hidden beyond the lively and restless material world. A silent retreat allows you to free your mind from thoughts, from ballast.  Swami Shivananda will accompany the process through its infinite Energy,  bringing everyone into a state of emptiness and passivity.

These factors are crucial and effective for self-healing. They cause everything to be reabsorbed into a simpler truth, connected to the creation of the Whole.

When we are in this state of inner connection with everything, our objectives and personal visions of the future, mature harmoniously in the acts of co-creation and individual dreams become possible realities.

A silent person powerfully influences others with his peace.
Silence expands the higher nature of each person and gives great love to the self.



Shiva House, Monopoli, Puglia, Italy  (exact address will be supplied upon registration)



Course fee : € 126.00 

Cost for each meal: € 10.00

Please make your payments through PayPal at the following PayPal account : . Note, you do not need a PayPal account to pay. They will ask you for your credit card. When this is done, please write to for further details.

Contact WhatsApp:  Stella +393337674957 


For an overnight stay,  please book directly at the B&B "La Torretta", located near Shiva House. 
Phone +39  3358 302 513, (Mr. Giovanni) Bed + breakfast € 35.00 per day

Program :

Friday 19th June

17:00 presentation

18:00 p.m. Arati for Shirdi Baba Murti

18:30 -19: 30 first silent meditation inside Shiva House

20:30 dinner in silence

21:30 Darshan of Shivananda, in silence.

Saturday 20 June 

10:00 Arati for Shirdi Baba Murti

10:30 - 11:30 am silent meditation with Swami Shivananda, inside Shiva House

11:30 am Break

12:00 -13: 00 group healing

13:30 14:30 lunch

2.30 pm: 4 pm free

16:00 -17: 00 sharing in silence

17:30 - 18:00 Shakti Dance

18:30 - 20:00 sunset meditation, at the sea.

20:30 - 21-30 dinner

22:00 Arati Shirdi Baba Murti

22:30 Darshan of Shivananda

Sunday 21 June

10:00 Arati Shirdi Baba Murti

10.30-12.00 Fire Puja 

12: 00 sharing and closing of the retreat

13:00 lunch in silence and greetings.

Shivananda Swamiji Events Team

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