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Welcome the new year with Shivananda Swamiji 

30 - 31 December  2019 1 - 2 January 2020 Matera Italy

4 - 7 January 2020 Assisi Italy


Let go of everything that is old ...

and embrace the New Year with this new Energy of the Golden Age


Join Swamiji Shivananda for this event where you can let go of everything that is the "individual I" by being in the collective, release old energies and welcome "the flow" of the New Year in this new Golden Age.

Program Details: 



30th - 31st December 2019 1st - 2nd January  2020 Matera

4th - 7th January 2020 Assisi



Le Monacelle

Via Riscatto 10, Matera Italy


Victor Center​

Via Romana 31 Assisi Perugia

Participation fee:


from 30 December to 2 January         EUR 500 included in the price puja and meals

Puja del Fuoco                                     EUR 54 included in the price only the puja

from 4 - 7 January 2020                       EUR 500 included in the price for the meal

All 9 days                                              EUR 800 including puja and meals

For those who want to participate in a program day, the cost is EUR 108 and two days EUR 216

The cost of accommodation in Matera and everything that is not expressly indicated in the cost of the program is not included.

The cost of transfer from Matera to Assisi and all that is not expressly indicated in the cost of the program is not included. We are organizing a private transfer by bus from Matera to Assisi and vice versa.



To participate, it is COMPULSORY to register by December 27, 2019 by sending an email to

(cell: +39 389 19 86 778) specifying which event you want to attend. Please leave a message in the voicemail to the phone number.


all payments must be made through the organization's PayPal account: or by bank transfer to this IBAN current account: DE41354611061023459015 Shivananda 999 GmbH Volksbank Niedderrhein eG

Program from December 30th to January 2nd:

Monday, December 30th

Registration at the place of the event.

The program will start at 17.00 with the presentation and introduction of Shivananda Swamiji, with him will be present

Rosalia Stellacci *, of the Yoga center Al jalil Yoga, which will give an introduction to relativity and quantum physics: "Energy, Matter and Spirit".


20:00               Dinner

21:00               Fire Puja and opening event.

Tuesday, December 31


7:30-8:30          Dhyana Chakra with Rosalia Stallacci (Yoga for kundalini awakening and chakra opening)

8:30-9:30 .        Breakfast and break

10:00                 Bhajans


                          Guided Meditation and Mantra

13:30                 Lunch

15:00                 Shakti Gold Kundalini Dance,

16:00                 Kundalini meditation

17:30                 collective Gold Tantra

19:00                 Dinner

22:00                 Fire Puja to welcome the New Year

Mercoledì 1 Gennaio


9:30-10:30       Yoga Nidra (one hour of lucid dreaming practice) with Rosalia Stellacci

10:30-11:30     Breakfast and break

11:30               Bhajans


                        Guided Meditation and Mantra

14:00               Lunch

15:30               Kria Meditation

17:00               collective Gold Tantra 

19:00               Dinner

21:00               Fire Puja

Thursday 2 January

Pilgrimage to San Giovanni Rotondo and Padre Pio.

Meditations in sacred places and visit to the cave of San Michele.

Bus transportation is not included in the participation fee. Guide in the holy places provided by Father Matteo.

After the trip we will be back to the Monacelle and in the evening we will continue with a meditation to experience the frequencies of the places visited and we will sing bajans.

Friday, January 3

Free day at the Sassi of Matera


Program from 4 to 7 January:

Saturday 4 January

Transfer to Assisi in the morning, through a collective bus not included in the participation fee.

Afternoon arrival at the event location accommodation in the rooms

19:00              Introduction and presentation by Shivananda Swamiji

20:00              Dinner


Sunday 5 and Monday 6 January

Traveling itinerary following the path of Saint Frances of Assisi with a local guide.


Tuesday, January 7

7:30-8:30     Breakfast

9:00             Bhajans

                    Satsang and final greetings

11:30           Departure for Matera

Private meetings:

During the Shivananda Swamiji program, a limited number of people will be able to meet him for a private interview. Dakshina * recommended to help Shivananda Swamiji's mission worldwide 108 EUR. To request an appointment, send an email to by December 27th 2019.


At the facilities hosting the events it is possible to book the room for sleeping.

More information will be provided at the time of registration. Please indicate the number of guests and nights you wish to reserve, in order to provide you with the best solution.


Bari for Matera event

Ancona or Perugia for event in Assisi

Train Station:

Matera for Matera event

Assisi or Perugia for event in Assisi


Please arrange your transportation from the airport or station to the event location

We are looking forward to seeing you for this special event.

Much love and blessings,


The Shivananda Event Team

*Rosalia Stellacci

She decided to study of Yoga through the research of Applied Physics and Quantum Physics. Between 2001 and 2002, she worked in the United State as a researcher at the Institute of the research on the Gravitational Waves predicted by Einstein, where she followed courses on Yoga philosophy and on influence of consciousness on reality. In 2005, she collaborated with the Oncological Radiotherapy Hospital, S.G.Moscati, in Taranto, and she became passionate about the study of alternative therapies and medicine, such as Ayurveda, Plantar Reflexology, Pranotherapy and Chinese Medicine. She graduated in Applied Physics in Pisa University and in Biomedical Physics in Naples Federico II University di Napoli. She started practicing Yoga in 2008 and teaching it since 2010. She is certified as a teacher of Vinyasa Flow Yoga RYT-200 by the Yoga Alliance with Jacqueline Heysel, she studied Ashtanga yoga with David Swenson and she is now a student of Sri Manju Jois, thanks to whom she began learning the Vedic  Mantras. Moreover, she studied Thetha Healing, Shiatsu and Raja Meditation.

For four years she has been in retreat in the ancient quarter of Matera, the Sassi. Her aim was to live according to the Yoga style, in complete ascetism, in total isolation and dedicating herself to meditation and the development of the siddhi (mental capacities which can be acquired through meditation). Since 2011 she has been living the state of ‘Awakened’. Since 2012, she has been president of the Yoga and Meditation Research Centre “Al Jalil Yoga”, in Matera, and she teaches courses and seminars about quantum physics and Yoga. In her teaching, she combines the theoretical knowledge of the Yoga with the scientific competences.



There is no greater blessing for our souls than to be in the presence of a Divine Master and the offering we make in return for the gifts that they bestow on us is called Dakshina.


The practice comes from the Vedas which teach about the disciples’ sacred duty to make offerings to the master who imparts the highest knowledge - the knowledge of the Self.


The word comes from the Sanskrit, da, meaning “offering” or “giving”; kshi, meaning “to abide” or “to dwell in”; and na, meaning “knowledge.” The dakshina is considered a duty, or dharma, and is part of the universe's cycle of giving and receiving, balancing the energy between you and the Guru. He washes our karma and the more open-hearted and giving we are to him, the greater the karmic exchange.


There is a mistaken belief, particularly in the west, that spirituality and healing should be given for ‘free’, as we do not always understand the energy mechanism of giving and receiving or the changes that happen to us on a soul level.  We have all experienced, however, that the more we give in life, whether it be love, money, service or whatever, the more we reap the rewards of happiness in our lives.


When thinking about how much dakshina to give, rather than calculating from the place of the mind, connect with your loving, open heart and ask yourself what the Divine blessing your soul has received means to you and how best to honour it.


The decision you make is between you and the Divine.

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