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Power Journey to India - February 2019

"Wherever Shivananda went, people were drawn to him to receive the blessings of his divine energy"

A Pilgrim

The Pilgrimage:

Shivananda led a group of pilgrims to holy places of India for 4 weeks in February 2019, visiting some of India's most amazing powerful sites: Tirumvamalai, Shirdi, Puttaparti, Penukonda and Varanasi. The group also went to the largest gathering in the World, the Kumbha Mela in Allahabad. 

It was a divinely blessed journey of wonderful experiences and meetings with incredible souls. Wherever Shivanada went, people were drawn to him to receive the blessings of his divine energy.

One such meeting took place at the Sai Baba Mandir in Shirdi and led to Shivananda being invited to meet a beautiful saint, Babaji of Shirdi, who runs a school for 6,000 underprivileged children, a project dear to Shivananda’s heart. This was a momentous meeting in Shivananda’s life. In this meeting, Babaji’s spokesman, Swami Parmanand Maharaj, told Shivananda that he had been waiting for him for many lifetimes. After the meeting Shivananda and his group were led to the Meditation Hall where staff members and students were gathered. Babaji humbly honoured Shivananda by walking him up onto the stage and placing him in his own seat. Then Babaji turned and walked down joining the people in the audience. There was a huge celebration for Shivananda with a yoga performance, live music and bajans.

In a further meeting with Babaji, Shivananda was told about the importance of his mission and his dharma in this lifetime. He was given the title of Shivananda Swamiji and Swami Parmanand Majaraj told him that he would travel with him and be his spokesman, as he is for Babaji. It was a very profound experience for Shivananda, for although he knows who he is, he has not been able to reveal it himself.



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