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Diwali 2020
November 14th

Online from the Shivananda Ashram

in Italy



“Love is light, because it illuminates the receiver and the giver.”

Shivananda Swamiji

Diwali symbolizes the Victory of Light over darkness, Good over evil and is celebrated all across India. On that day candles and lights are lit to welcome the Light. 


This year Shivananda will celebrate Diwali "the Festival of Lights" in his new Ashram in Italy (Puglia) and stream it online (zoom) for everyone to join him and share the festivities during this very auspicious time.


The online program will start in the afternoon with a Satsang and Meditation, that will be followed by the Abishek to the Tryambaka and Atma Lingams. In the evening, there will be a powerful Fire Ceremony (Puja, Yagna) and the celebrations will culminate with lighting candles and releasing them into the water.  






Saturday 14 November 2020

4.30 - 6pm           Satsang and Meditation

6 - 7pm                Abishek to Lingam and Atma Lingams


7 - 9pm                Break


9 - 10pm              Fire Puja

10 - 11.30pm       Ceremony of Lighting the Lights and Candles


To register for the online program, please email:




With Love and Light, 

The Shivananda Event Team

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