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The Divine Love Tour -London

11 April 2019

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The UK Divine Love Tour - London

11 April 2019

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM BST



The Study Society

151 Talgarth Road


W14 9DA

London, UK

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Shivananda Swamiji Spiritual Satsang Talk - Love creates Love


As part of his Divine Love Tour Shivananda Swamiji will be in London for this free event. The evening topic for the Satsang talk will be Love that creates Love.


Shivananda Swamiji's message is Love, unconditional Love. This Love both emanates from and pours through him. His Satsangs are powerful and heart-opening experiences.  Shivananda guides you to first and foremost love yourself. Loving yourself is the key to being able to love others. By loving yourself, finding inner peace and being in your truth, you become a powerful beacon of light that can shine on others, allowing them to radiate in return.


Meeting Shivananda is a unique experience not to be missed. When hearts are open to his energy and message of love, healing and transformation are inevitable.








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