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‘Generosity and compassion are your divine qualities. 

Our soul loves to find itself in a community

where love is a living action.'

One of the highlights of the Midsummer Program in Xanten in June 2019, was the launch of the Shivananda 999 Charitable Foundation which is the charity arm of the Shivananda 999 Organization.

As the Foundation is still in its infancy, the main focus at the moment is the establishment of ashrams or, what Swamiji refers to as ‘Points of Light’, worldwide which is part of Shivananda’s mission that was given to him by the Masters. So far, ashrams have already been created in London, Germany, Tiruvannamalai and two in the planning stages in Shirdi and Puglia, south Italy.


Shivananda Swamiji has always held the vision of building eco, self -sustaining Points of Light, which exemplify living in a society in alignment with the New Energy of Love, Divine connection and nature. He sees people coming to the ashram for shorter or longer periods, wanting to share his energy, teachings and guidance, and to experience whatever they need for their personal transformation, to live what he calls, their Original Project. 

This would be an opportunity for people to live the energy of Karma Yoga, love in action through service, where individual growth becomes the collective in the process of co-creation. 



Medical Camp for Sadhus

On Sunday February 23rd, for the first time at the Shivananda Swamiji Ashram in Tiruvannamalai, a Medical Camp for Sadhus was organized by the Shivananda 999 Foundation in cooperation with Rajam Arum Katnam Trust Tiruvannamalai, India. 

153 Sadhus were treated by 6 doctors with different specialities. Prescribed medicine was given out by a  pharmacist and a laboratory technician tested patients for diabetes and detected seven new cases.  It was a beautiful start of a new project that the Shivananda Foundation would like to develop further in the future. 

If you would like to support this very worthwhile project or participate as a doctor please inform us via

Shivananda Swamiji says that every individual has a place, a purpose and a contribution to make to the collective. 

“When we dream alone it will stay just a dream. When we dream collectively, it will become reality.”

Shivananda Swamij ❤”

Because of Shivananda’s love of children and his desire to see them educated in a way that retains their Divine connection and faith, his aim is to eventually include schools. Initially, he would like to encourage children from local schools to come and participate in activities like gardening, to consciously connect them with the earth element.

Divine energy is flowing fast to support a project like this in Puglia, which is coming close to fruition. 


Helping Shivanada co-create these Divine projects, is a great blessing for one’s soul. With Divine guidance and blessings and the support of those whose hearts are open, Shivananda Swamiji will be able fulfil his Mission of helping to move the Collective Consciousness into the Light, to share his love, to help those in need and to heal the hearts of the suffering on a large scale.

Together, we can make this happen.



Donate to the

Shivananda 999

Charitable Foundation

If you feel called to support Shivananda Swamiji and his Mission there are several ways to do so.

All money donated will go into the Shivananda Foundation. 


Direct debits  help greatly in the planning of a project, but any form of donation, large or small, is greatly appreciated.


Shivanananda 999 Charitable Foundation is a registered charity at Fuerstenberg 13, 46509, Xanten, Germany



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