About Shivananda

In these times of great global changes Shivananda BRINGS LIGHT beyond the veil, a cosmic resonance to ascend into the Fifth Dimension.
His mission is to lightly guide each Soul to find truth, peace and unconditional love, giving a unique and special experience to each one through their own Consciousness, in harmony with all Creation.

Shivananda says:
"When you live with COSMIC LOVE you manifest your realization."

Shivananda, through his powerful Darshan, opens the way of healing, accelerating the karmic process and freeing from the implants that block the spiritual evolution.

Shivananda describes his Darshan like this:

You see my eyes penetrating your heart like a ray of cosmic light and healing your wounds; sometimes it hurts a lot and brings tears, but those tears are tears that create Love.
My Love shows you the Way and how great it is, right at this time when there is a need for my gaze connected to the divine Love.


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Shivananda's Messages:

My role is spiritual, where I have to guide and help people to find their original project and this in the greatest number of people.

I want to meet as many people as possible.

And if you want to help people, then you must be able to meet them and listen to their problems. My current stage is Parivrajaka, where I have to move constantly. I have to travel and travel...

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